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Programming Crash Course

No previous programming experience is required, but you must know decent english and how to use a computer. This course will teach you the fundamentals of some web-based programming languages in only 10 weeks.


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What Will You Learn:

  1. How to create web pages in HTML.
  2. How to style web pages in CSS.
  3. How to create dynamic web apps with JavaScript.
  4. Learn Object Oriented Programming in PHP.
  5. How to create and use Database (MySQL).
  6. How to do PHP APIs development.
  7. How to implement PHP security.
  8. How to use Bootstrap for responsive web pages.
  9. How to use AJAX to load data without refreshing.
  10. How to Debug your code to find errors.
  11. Hand on experience on project development.
  12. How to Host your website or Application on the Internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will start seeing the results of your skills almost from day one. You will finally come to know what real education is and it has nothing to do with memorizing boring textbooks. You will immediately feel proud of yourself and your own serve worth will go up. With regards to earning from your skills, that depends on multiple factors. The first factor is how fast of a learner you are. The second factor is how much practice you do after the course is finished. We generally recommend not applying for any jobs or starting your freelance career until you have practiced and sharpened your skills for at least one month after completion. During that time, we'd like you to focus on building a quality portfolio of your work.
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No, because hum aap ko paraateh nahi sikhate hain. Ratta is banned at our institute.
Yes, you must be able to understand English and you must be able to use a computer, up to mid-level at-least.

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