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Learn Advance Graphic Design

This course will teach you skills that will enable you to start making money. In this day and age, every type of business, organization & government department cannot survive without a graphic designer.

یہ کورس آپکو کو ایسی مہارتیں سکھائے گا جن کی وجہ سے آپ پیسہ کما پاؤ گئے۔ اس دور میں کوئی بزنس ، تنظیم یا گورنمنٹ ڈیپارٹمنٹ گرافک ڈیزائنر کے بغیر چل نہیں سکتا۔


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6 Reasons People Choose to Learn Graphic Designing From Us:

  1. We don't do Ratta, we actually teach you things.
  2. Our course is a better alternative to a BS Graphic Designing (4 Year) degree.
  3. We understand that your time & youth are valuable so we don't waste years of your life, we teach you advance graphic designing within 30 days.
  4. We have both Class based learning & Online Class options available, so you can learn from anywhere.
  5. After graduating from our institute & practising for 30 days, you can easily get a job as a junior graphic designer at around 20,000-25,000 Rupees/month.
  6. Or you can start your own graphic design agency & make millions.
Pakistani university graphic design course fees
Pakistani university graphic design course fees
Pakistani university graphic design course fees

Kya aap ki life rukki hui heh?

It is common knowledge that many Pakistani children have been misguided into wasting years of their valuable life & millions of rupees on a degree that is not relevant today. Perhaps you are one of these people.

We understand that there is a huge amount of pressure on your shoulders to get a job but no one wants to hire you because you have no skills, that are in demand.

For that reason we highly recommend you not to waste any further time. Take this quick 30 day course & become valuable enough to get started in the Graphic Design industry.

This is a versatile skill that every small/big company in the world needs. You will never feel like you wasted your time learning graphic design. Also learning a real skill instead of doing ratta will be very beneficial for your own inner well being. You'll get a sudden boost of confidence & ambition. Which will Inshallah lead to positive changes in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will start seeing the results of your skills almost from day one. You will finally come to know what real education is and it has nothing to do with memorizing boring textbooks. You will immediately feel proud of yourself and your own serve worth will go up. With regards to earning from your skills, that depends on multiple factors. The first factor is how fast of a learner you are. The second factor is how much practice you do after the course is finished. We generally recommend not applying for any jobs or starting your freelance career until you have practiced and sharpened your skills for at least one month. During that time, we'd like you to focus on building a quality portfolio of your work.
For the duration of this course the accommodation cost is Rupees 6000 for a total of 30 days. We do not provide food. Our accommodation is only available to our students & is subject to any vacancies. To book or for further help with your accommodation requirement, you may call us during our open hours. Our staff member will gladly assist you with your needs.
No, because hum aap ko graphic designing paraateh nahi but rather sikhate hain. Ratta is banned at our institute.
Yes, you must be able to understand English and you must be able to use a computer, up to mid-level at-least.
  • From very basic to advance Graphic Design skills
  • How to use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
  • How to use and how to make handmade illustrations using a drawing tablet. (Not Available in Online Classes).
  • Familiarize you with the standards used in the printing world.
  • How to edit/manipulate photos, how to make custom logos, letter heads, brochures, banners, Typography, Characters etc.
  • How to sell your skills, as a freelancer.

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